Darmstadt Graphics Group (DGG) GmbH

DGG contributes to a large-scale breakthrough of interactive 3D graphics for everyone with automated and lightning-fast solutions for 3D data optimization.

Tech: SaaS / IT

Website: https://www.dgg3d.com/

adiutaByte GmbH

adiutaByte shapes tour planning of tomorrow through automated, customer-centric and dynamic planning solutions for multiple sectors and use cases.

Tech: Software / Logistics

Website: https://www.adiutabyte.de/

HighLine Technology GmbH

Saving silver is worth gold! HighLine offers an extremely efficient silver printing technology for solar cells. The parallel dispensing process enables material savings, higher cell efficiencies and maximized throughput.

Tech: CleanTech

Website: https://highline-technology.com/

mondas GmbH

mondas offers an IoT platform that maximizes efficiency of decentralized plants through intelligent monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Tech: SaaS / Energy

Website: https://mondas-iot.de/

Multiphoton Optics (MPO) GmbH

MPO will - for the first time ever - make 3D printing a competitive option for the mass production of a wide array of high-quality-low-cost micro-photonic elements.

Tech: Additive Manufacturing

Website: https://multiphoton.net/

operaize GmbH

operaize enables companies in the process and manufacturing industries to identify potential disruptions in production extremely quickly and to implement solutions directly through Machine Reasoning algorithms.

Tech: Industry 4.0 / SaaS

Website: http://operaize.de/

ViboTec AG

ViboTec creates virtual advertising banners during live sports events (“virtuelle Bandenwerbung”). Thus, scarce physical advertising space can be marketed multiple times because it is possible to broadcast different content to different regions of the world.

Tech: Virtual Advertising

Website: https://www.vibotec.ch/


XPOLI developed an affordable AI technology that enables a large variety of retail stores to identify customer behaviours and preferences in order to improve, amongst others, marketing and placing of products.

Tech: Retail Tech

Website: https://xpoli.eu/

mecorad GmbH

Industry 4.0 for the steel industry. mecorad offers a radar-based sensor solution and analytics for steel mills to enable process transparency as well as scrap waste and downtime reduction.

Tech: Industry 4.0

Website: http://mecorad.com/

MonitorFish GmbH

MonitorFish combines high-tech at the intersection of biology and computer science for a more sustainable future in aquaculture.

Tech: Software / AgriTech

Website: http://monitorfish.com/


mySHOEFITTER is a scientifically based, biometric foot measurement technology for mobile devices. Online shoppers can now easily determine their exact fitting shoe size with their smartphone or tablet from home.

Tech: eCommerce

Website: https://www.myshoefitter.com/

Psoido GmbH

Psoido enables the compatibility of privacy and data analytics through a unique authentication approach for a new generation of business models.

Tech: Software / Cyber Security

Website: https://psoido.com/

Senodis Technologies GmbH

Senodis commercializes a marking solution based on ceramic ink that enables manufacturing companies to trace and digitize components across the whole process and supply chain.

Tech: marking solution

Website: https://senodis.io/

volytica diagnostics GmbH

volytica diagnostics specializes on field data evaluation of batteries and thus enhances intelligence in their design, monitoring and warranty management.

Tech: Battery-Analytics / Mobility

Website: https://www.volytica.com/


ConstellR monitors land surface via a constellation of CubeSats with thermal infrared payloads. The data is used by farmers to reduce water and fertilizer usage, and potentially reduces existing monitoring costs by 97%.

Tech: Space

Website: http://www.constellr.space

NODE Robotics GmbH

NODE Robotics offers a plug&play operation system for autonomous mobile robots to enable collaborative operations in intralogistics.

Tech: Industry 4.0 / AI / Robotics

Website: http://www.node-robotics.com

Quantum Optics Jena GmbH

Quantum Optics Jena uses a quantum key distribution technology to develop a new generation of encryption methods for secure communication.

Tech: Cyber Security

Website: http://www.qo-jena.com

Credium GmbH

credium extracts previously unavailable real estate data from geospatial data available worldwide. This data is further enriched by AI, making real estate properties even more transparently available digitally. This high-quality data is then available to the exact address via a web interface (API).

Tech: PropTech

Website: http://www.credium.de

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